The Establishment Phase

Your business has now matured into a thriving company. Make sure it stays that way.

Licensing Services

Licensing is a business arrangement in which one company gives another company permission to manufacture its product or service for a specified payment. No one wants to recreate the wheel, so if your brand is well recognized, you can license the rights to your brand for use by another company.

Mergers and Acquisition Services

Mergers and acquisitions refer to the management, financing, and strategy involved with buying, selling, and combining companies. A merger is the combination of two similarly-sized companies combined to form a new company. An acquisition occurs when one company clearly purchases another and becomes the new owner.

Trademark Services

Because brands are a critical asset of your business and as your business acquires new products or services, you should continue trademarking the new additions to build and protect the stronger brand.

Contracts required in the Establishment phase:

  • Licensing Agreement
  • Merger Agreement
  • Acquisition Agreement
  • Trademark Agreement

Phase 1:

Make the right legal structure decisions in the earliest days of your company

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Phase 2:

Raise money from potential investors without exposing your business to liability

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Phase 4:

Set up legal buy-sell agreements and create business transition plans

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