Hands down the most amazingly concise and easily comprehensible book that all business owners must read. Having been self employed for many years this book was purchased by me at an event and it was one that I couldn’t put down!

It really made me take stock in my business, how it is structured, what I could improve in and excel to even new heights with respect to my business and taking it to the next level. Read more

It is all about preparation and having a viable business plan and forethought. Things that most entrepreneurs either think they have a handle on or haven’t thought about including those that have the appearance of or are extremely successful.

This book is for any business owner large or small. From a sole entrepreneur to a corporation with thousands of employees. I am so impressed that I now use this as my business “go to”.

How fortunate and blessed I felt to have been invited to one of the most intelligent business attorneys I have ever met. Kelly Bagla is a force not to be ignored. She CARES genuinely about her clients and is very focused on your success. Completely impressive and not something you just find in today’s climate.

Thanks to Attorney Bagla’s book I now feel more equipped than most any of my peers on how to structure a road map to keep my business growing and protected. In this current climate we are living in it would be a huge disservice not to purchase this book and implement her amazing strategies for business planning and success.

I also know that Attorney Bagla offers amazing seminars and different levels of support. She truly cares about her clients to the core and I just can’t rave about her enough. Truly, if you are a business owner and don’t have this book regardless of the stage your business is in you are doing yourself a disservice.

What always seemed a daunting task was actually simplified and made me motivated to make drastic changes to my vision, to my pathway to success and helped me to develop a road map to that success.

Buy this book! It will be the best investment one could ever make as an entrepreneur. It’s clever, intelligent, digestible and something I would scream from the roof tops as a must have for business owners.

Since employing her business planning strategies I am seeing an upsurge in my business, have a clear and concise vision as to where I am headed and what I need to do in order to protect myself and company. I generally don’t get this excited over these types of reads but I can assure you that you will feel the same way.

Take the plunge, buy this very affordable book and GO SUCCESS YOURSELF! This is a true gem that should be in any business owners toolbox.

And if you ever see that she is doing a seminar or workshop I am quite confident you will want to attend as it will change your life on many levels to include a work-life balance and a clear direction to success.

Kudos to Attorney Bagla for seeing the need for this publication and writing it from the heart with the obvious motivation that she wants entrepreneurs to succeed at every level whether It be a start up or a business that has some tenure.

In any event, don’t walk away from success walk toward it and one of the lights shining at the door to success would surely have the cover of this book on its door. Truly inspiring and helpful.


This is one of the best books out there on how to set your business ...

This is the ultimate blueprint on how to start, own and operate a successful business! Without a doubt, this is one of the best books out there on how to set your business up for success! Read more

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or you’re just thinking about starting one up, this little gem of a book is an absolute must read! It breaks down and explains the four "legal lifecycles" of a business and thoroughly explains how to find out which phase your business is in and what you need to do in order to protect it. It’s a compact, comprehensive guide that shows you exactly what legal documents you need, when you need them, and more importantly, why you need them in order to maximize your profits and protect your assets. “Go Legal Yourself” gives discerning advice on how to operate your business smoothly and effectively. It’s a thoughtful, informative and fascinating read! She answers so many questions I never thought to ask. It felt as if someone finally revealed the secret to operating a truly successful business! How refreshing! I hope she writes another book! So, buy this book and "Go Legal Yourself"!


A must read!

Not only does Kelly Bagla really know the law, she is able to make what we all need to know as business owners from start-up to wind-up so accessible. Kelly's breadth and depth of experience working with businesses large and small comes through in this well written guide to what you need to know as a business owner to avoid the all too common pitfalls that could cost you more than you bargained for. Read more

You may know your business but you may not know what traps await you. No matter what stage your business is in this is a must read.


Know where you are in your "Legal Lifecycle Of your Business"

The clarity of "Go Legal Yourself" is priceless! Once I started reading, I never put it down. Read more

If you're considering starting a business (Startup Phase), or in the middle of the Growth Phase, Established Phase or now looking at the Exit Phase - this book is for you!
"Go Legal Yourself" is a road-map to gaining a restful nights sleep from "knowing" what phase of "The Legal Lifecycle Of Your Business" you're in and what you need to consider to maintain its health and your success.


I enjoyed reading this book because Kelly made this area of ...

I enjoyed reading this book because Kelly made this area of the law very accessible. As a business owner, with this writing, Kelly has planted seeds that I will benefit from for the rest of my career. Perhaps more telling, after reading this book - I became a client!

J. Thrift

Something for everyone regardless of where you are at in your business life cycle.

Kelly's book is so much more than legal jargon, facts and figures. Information about key steps and important things that need to be handled at each step are clearly defined. Real world examples are thoughtfully placed to further illustrate some of the more complicated concepts making them easily digestible. Read more

"Go Legal Yourself!" is a "dog ears" companion to my assortment of critical reads on my office bookshelf.

James Kazmarek

Very good read that will expose the reader to things that ...

Very good read that will expose the reader to things that are easily overlooked in the process of establishing a new business or even a growing one for that matter. It embarks on a journey with a four phase life cycle for your business with key importance of how to protect your business every step of the way. Read more

I discovered a lot of things I wouldn't have thought of myself when starting a business. The book is clear, concise, bite size, useful and motivational. Highly recommended!


Running my own business I know the importance of knowing ...

Running my own business I know the importance of knowing the legal life cycle of your business. Most people have no idea where they are and it can greatly hinder their businesses growth and prosperity. This is a must read for any serious business owner who wants to make sure they protect themselves and their business.

Kate Allgood